New Roomie Confessions

New roommates Michele and Dixie are talking about their weekend plans when Michele tells Dixie she has a confession to make. Something she's been wanting to tell Dixie since they moved in together. Dixie is prepared for the worst but when Michele admits that she is a nudist and prefers not wearing clothes at home, Dixie is pleasantly relieved. She tells Michele that she thinks that's awesome, she also likes being naked and she thinks they should just make the house officially clothing optional. They both strip out of their clothes and relax, enjoying being free and naked. Dixie then admits that she also has something to confess. She tells Michele that she doesn't like peeing in the toilet, that she prefers to pee in things, on things or even just on the floor. Michele is a bit taken aback but is open to Dixie's kink. Dixie says that she has to pee right now and instead of using the toilet she just stands up and pees in her water bottle right in front of Michele. Michele is i! nterested and intrigued and decides she wants to try it too so she squats down and pisses on the floor with Dixie's encouragement. Michele finds it very freeing and liberating and the newly open roomies congratulate each other from their openness.
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